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Professor Sir David A. King

Director of Research

Queen's College
Contact for chemistry-related matters only:
Tel: 01223 336338
Email: dak10 -at-

Contact for the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment:
Tel: 01865 614964
Email: director.smithschool -at-

Prof. Sir David A. King's publications in science policy

"The hot topic: what can we do about global warming"
G. Walker and D.A. King
Harvest Books (2008)

"Introduction: energy for a sustainable future"
D.A. King
Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A 365 (2007) 883-896

"Taking science out of the box - Foresight recast"
D.A. King and S.M. Thomas
Science 316 (2007) 1701-1702

"Big lessons for a healthy future"
D.A. King and S.M. Thomas
Nature 449 (2007) 791-792

"Aid to enhance Africa's skills"
D.A. King
Science 314 (2006) 385

"Infectious Diseases: Preparing for the Future"
D.A. King, C. Peckham, J. K. Waage, J. Brownlie and M. E. J. Woolhouse
Science 313 (2006) 1392-1393

"Global Argument Heats Up", Book Review, The Times (London) 28 January 2006, D. A. King.

"UK Must Go on Promoting and Funding Science" D.A. King
Nature 438 (2005) 24

Governing Technology and Growth, in "Going for Growth: Science and Innovation in Africa", ed. Calestous Juma, pp.112-123 (2005); Smith Institute Monograph, published by The Smith Institute ISBN 1 902488970, D. A. King.

Response to "Climate change and malaria"
D.A. King
Science 306 (2004) 55

"The scientific impact of nations" D.A. King
Nature 430 (2004) 311-316

"Climate Change Science: Adapt, Mitigate, or Ignore?"
D.A. King
Science 303 (2004) 176-177

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