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Pre-exponential factors

Using single-crystal adsorption calorimetry (SCAC), pre-exponential factors for first-order desorption, ν, can directly be evaluated at the steady state regime by equating the rate of adsorption to the rate of desorption [1]. Gas-surface systems include CO, O2, NO and hydrocarbons on flat and stepped Pt, Ni, Pd, Rh and Fe.

Within the conventional transition state theory (CTST) framework the pre-exponential is related to the activation entropy of desorption, i.e. the difference in entropy between the adsorbed state and the transition state. The figure below reports values of ν and entropy change as a function of the adsorption heat for room temperature molecular desorption at high coverages.

One can clearly see that values of ν show considerably more variation than always assumed: depending on the gas-surface system, we find values spanning from 1x1011 to 1x1022 s-1. In this respect, evaluations of the activation energy for first-order desorption using temperature-programmed desorption analyses may be severely flawed if a fixed value of ν, usually 1013 s-1, is chosen.

We interpret these unexpectedly high values of the pre-exponential factors in terms of desorption from highly localized initial states. The consequence is that desorption is accompanied by a large change in entropy. For more details the reader is referred to the article below.

Plot of log10 ν and the change in entropy ΔS# against the heat of adsorption, qd, for number of gas-surface systems studied by SCAC; data are all obtained at 300 K.

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